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Riot From Wrong

Riot From Wrong

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Riot From Wrong

Feature Documentary 

Directed by: Teddy Nygh
Produced by: Teddy Nygh & Nick Bedu
Fully Focused Production

Riot From Wrong, an award winning film created by young people from Fully Focused Productions, as a reaction to one of the biggest events of  civil unrest Britain has seen for a century. Delving in to many of the issues the media didn't show, fourteen Passionate young people from across London set out in search of answers in one of the most anticipated documentaries of 2012.


As well as  winning Best Documentary at the International Human Rights Documentary Film Festival, Riot from wrong gained Official Selection at The East End and Portobello Film Festivals, sell out screenings at the BFI, Roundhouse and Somerset House, an exclusive screening at The Houses of Parliament, Cambridge University's Institute of Criminology and Oxford University's esteemed Christ Church College.

'This film breaks the mould of conventional perceptions peddled by the mainstream media. It opens doors that have remained firmly closed on a generation which feels disenfranchised and disempowered. Made by young people at street level who have access and credibility, not by pontificating pundits. It is set to become an historic and definitive document. A resource which should be viewed by all those who care about the restoration of an inclusive and effective democracy.'

Michael Mansfield QC


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