London Kills

TV Series - Crime Drama

Director: Craig Pickles, Fiona Walton, Sean Glyn

Producer: Mary Hare

Exec Producer: Paul Marquess

Production Company: PGMTV / Acorn

With the world’s most recognisable city as its backdrop, LONDON KILLS will dramatise the experiences of a team of top murder detectives. 


Slick, modern and fast moving, the series will be shot like a cutting-edge documentary.


Each episode of LONDON KILLS will focus on a different murder – providing a strong ‘story of the week’ as the detectives uncover the truth behind the killing.


Season one aired on Acorn in the US earlier this year and is due on BBC One on June 24th.

The character-driven detective drama successfully fuses the fast-paced, no-nonsense approach of American crime procedurals with the wonderfully nuanced and grim appeal of celebrated British and other European series - LA Times