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Ice Bear

Ice Bear

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Ice Bear

Feature Documentary

Directed by: Oliver Parker
Produced by: Mary Hare & Toby Sherborne
Looking Glass FIlms

As well as directing this film, Oliver also shot and edited tis film.  It won Best Documentary at both the Marbella International Film Festival and the British Documentary FiIm Festival.


This film follows extreme wildlife sculptor Mark Coreth on a mission to capture the essence of the Arctic. 'Ice Bear' follows him as he sets off across the fast-disappearing sea ice of the Canadian Arctic in search of the elusive polar bear. Base on this research trip, Mark conceives a sculpture that encapsulates the dangers of global warming in a deeply thought provoking public exhibition. A full size bronze Polar Bear skeleton, surrounded by 10 Tonnes of ice, carved in to the shape of a hunting bear in front of the viewing public.  This ice sculpture is then left to melt and what emerges is the bronze skeleton, a pool of water and a very powerful environmental message.

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